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Women's Health

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT?
Declining Estrogen levels are responsible for rapid bone loss, both during and after menopause. This is because the bones depend on Estrogen to regulate and maintain their density. Though bone-loss is fastest during the 5 yrs. after the menopause, it continues for up to 20 yrs. It has been shown that by replacing the estrogen after the menopause, women have significantly denser bones and fewer fractures than those who do not undergo replacement therapy. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), combined with calcium intake and weight-bearing exercise is the overall plan. In fact, adequate calcium intake can reduce the dose of estrogen necessary.
What are the other benefits of HRT?
The other benefits of HRT are that it reduces the risk of heart disease, urinary tract infections and cancer of the ovaries.
Is HRT contra-indicated in any medical condition?
Yes, there are many medical conditions such as breast cancer, where decreasing the hormone level is an important part of the therapy. So HRT is not advised. There is not enough evidence to suggest whether HRT increases the chance of breast cancer. But, women should undertake self-examination and mammography regularly.
Why is HRT not very popular in India?
The fear of potential risk of cancer, the hassles of menstrual bleeding, expense of the medicine and lack of information all contribute to the low percentage of women in India who undertake this treatment.
What are the other problems that elderly women have to deal with?
The most common problems that older women have to deal with are post-menopausal symptoms and malignancies of the breast, Cervix and uterus.
While women over 60, have usually got over the effects of menopause, they should take care to watch out for early signs of cancer. With today's advancement in medicine, early detection results in a cure.
Breast cancer can be detected early by self-examination. Every woman should learn to do this. People who are at high risk e.g.; those with a positive family history should undergo a mammogram every year.
Any unusual bleeding or other symptoms should be immediately reported to a Gynaecologist.
The detection of Cervical cancer is done by PAPsmear, taken from vaginal secretions.  
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Women at high risk should have a mammogram taken yearly

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Why do Women avoid Mammograms

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Hormone Replacement Therapy:
Should You Take It?






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