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Holidays & Travel

It is common practice in India for the elderly to go on a pilgrimage, or visit their children who live far away. This is a nice way to spend one's time, the elders not only get spiritual satisfaction but also a lot of happiness when they are able to bond with their grandchildren. Here are some tips to help you with your travel plans to make your holiday  memorable.
  • Indian Railways offer a good discount on tickets for Senior Citizens
  • Indian Airlines and some private airlines offer a discount on their tickets for senior citizens. You may be required to have an identity card. Contact the airlines office to know about the documentation (proof of age) they may require.
  • If you are employed, check with your employer if there are any holiday and travel allowances that you can avail.
  • Unless you are an adventure lover, try to visit places where you have family or friends who can help you.
  • Your daily routine may be put out of gear so remember to take plenty of rest instead of a long and hectic schedule.
  • Remember to take suitable clothing as required.
  • Remember to take enought medicines as drugs with the same trade name may not be available in some towns and cities.
  • Remember to write down the dosages and schedule of the medicines.
  • Always remember to carry your visiting card and the name, address and phone nos. of your doctor, where he / she can be readily approached.
  • Go easy on your diet, avoiding foods with too much oil and spice.
  • If you are not visiting your family, try to include a friend.  Both will benefit from each other's companionship.
  • Remember to call back regularly and inform those at home of your whereabouts.
Air-Travel concessions for Seniors - Click Here
Air Travel - FAQ's
A Cross Cultural Senior Citizens Travel Program






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Remember airlines offer upto 50% off on their basic fare to Senior Citizens, for travel in India
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SeniorIndian ties-up with Milesworth Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd.
to offer Ticketing Services, Tour Packages etc within India and abroad to Seniors & their families
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