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Why should a senior citizen plan one's retirement?
Retirement is mandatory at a certain age for those who are in employment and voluntary for the self-employed.Whether it is at 58, 60 or 65, it brings some sudden changes and harsh adjustments for which seniors are little prepared. Overnight, they find themselves without work, without contact with their co-workers and without any goal to look forward to. Life ahead begins to look bleak. Sometimes depression sets in. So it is essential to plan one's retirement
What is pre-retirement planning?
The important things to remember about pre-retirement planning are:
  • You can start planning even when you are 40 yrs. That way, your finacial resources, investments and outcome can be planned.
  • Health management: Since your health is most important, you should take care of your body, your diet and lifestyle. You should start avoiding stress and keep yourself  physically and mentally active.
  • Financial Mangement: If resources allow, you should begin to plan for a rainy day. Pensions, savings, income from property and investments should be properly planned by taking the advice of reliable consultants.
  • Time Management: You should plan your work schedule in such a way that it does not put a stress on your life and yet  keeps you active. If you are planning on a second career after you retirement, it would be worth your while to set aside a few hours a week from an earlier age, to work towards that career.
What is the advice for the retired person?
  • First of all you should feel relaxed, not sad or worried. You can reflect on your past but not dwell on it.
  • Smiles and laughter will win more friends than stories of despair.
  • Stop rushing through life and savour every moment.
  • Plan your daily programme.
  • Social activity and second careers filled with optimism will enrich your retired life.
  • Retirement does not mean trying to kill time but using it to the best of your interests.
  • Don't remain idle.
  • Shun lonelineess.
  • Stick to a health regimen with proper exercise and diet.
What can the Government in the State and the Centre do for the retired people?
  • The government should draw out schemes to tap the potential and experience of the retired seniors
  • Retirement homes with proper nursing facilities and day-care centres should be established.
  • Clubs for Seniors should be set-up to promote interaction among the seniors.
  • All hospitals should have seperate lines and facilities for Seniors to lessen the time spent waiting.
  • Travel concessions should be increased.
  • Income-Tax benefits and secure investment schemes should be made available.






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Making Travel Plans?
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If you have Grandchildren, interacting with them will be fulfilling
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