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Positive Attitude

I am 60. What is there to look forward to?
Life after 60 should not be looked as an end of a lifetime's work. It should be seen as the beginning of a new chapter. It should not be seen like climbing down a hill after having worked hard to climb up the steep slope of life. It should be viewed as another climb, gentler this time with more time for living, loving and caring. You are a treasure house of experience. You can impart that experience to the youngsters around you. View your life with an up-beat positive attitude.
All over the world people over 60, are being regarded in a new and positive light, and rightfully so. The quality of health care has increased and with it the quality of life itself  has become better. Life after 60, should not be taken as just a time to sit back and watch flash backs, or pretend to be a 20 yr old. There is nothing wrong in sitting back but it should be done so in satisfaction and comfort. You can now look at your children and appreciate the efforts they make to stand on their own.
In Australia, Germany and US, retired people have formed organisations which are sending representatives as political parties to represent them in Parliament and take an active role in the governance of the country. It is high time Indians followed suit.
What should the main priorities in my life be?
The main priorities should be health, physical activity and relaxation, family, friends and financial comfort. Because health is the top priority, most of the information contained in this site will deal with both mental and physical well-being.
Do not crib or find fault. Do not let frustrations or your limitations get the better of you. Try to adjust with family and society. Think of what you can do rather than what you cannot. With this positive attitude, your time will be well-spent and your life will be fuller and richer.
There are millions of Indians over 60 who are below the poverty line. What about them?
That's true. In India, we can place the elder population roughly into
two categories. On the one side we have those who have either worked and saved all their lives or are otherwise financially comfortable and can afford to take it easy. On the other hand we have those who sadly are still forced to work to earn and fend for themselves. We should  collectively help these people lead a life of comfort with not only the basic essentials of food, clothing and shelter but also compassion and care. It is also the duty of corporates and those who have, to share with the less fortunate by contributing towards the homes for the aged and other social welfare organisations. You too can work towards that goal. As an individual or by being a part of a society involved in the upliftment of the needy.







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After 60 is a new Chapter. But no less interesting

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Health -Top Priority
As you get Older being physically and mentally fit should be your top priority
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Share your Smiles
Share your happiness with your family and friends. Work to bring smiles into the lives of the lesser priviledged
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