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Memory Power

Are there ways in which Seniors can get over their forgetfulness?
Ofcourse! There are some simple ways to get over this problem.
Click Here to find out how.
There is evidence that stimulating the brain can actually reverse the process of mental deterioration. Though memory is known to fail with age, it appears that memory and other mental processes are improved by increasing physical and mental activity.
As people get older, especially after retirement, they tend to be less active, physically and mentally.
The less stimulated by the environment the less active the neurons, or nerve cells become. In a sense the brain goes into hibernation. But it can be reawakened. If mental activity increases, new branch-like extensions called dendrites sprout in the neurons. These dendrites establish connections with other neurons, receiving information and forming networks that create strategies for problem-solving.
In other words, the brain benefits from exercise, almost as if it were another muscle. So, the more the mind continues to work, the greater the chances of retaining mental function. That is why one must stay intellectually engaged, be it a game of chess or community service.
The best way to avoid mental rigidity is by keeping an open mind about new and different ways to do things. Learning to use a computer, trying to do old tasks in new ways - the more the challenge the better.
Above all, remember that there is great individual variation in the way mental function changes with age. Experts say that major deterioration is not built into the brain. The challenge is to find ways of compensating for whatever decline that does occur. And the first step is to cultivate those dendrites by putting your mind to work.







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The more you keep your mind stimulated, the better will be your memory

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Some simple ways to get over absent-mindedness

A web-site to show you that Memory Loss is not Inevitable in old age

Brain Exercises