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What is the meaning of hypertension?
Hypertension means an increase in your blood pressure.
What percentage of the elderly people in India suffer from hypertension.?
In the cities about 40%  and in the villages about 18% of the elderly population suffer from hypertension.
Why is there such a difference between the rural and urban population?
This may be because of the lifestyle of the elderly in the villages. People in the villages have less stress and strain, they are usually less obese and physically more active.
In the elderly, what levels of blood pressure should be treated?
If the blood pressure is written as 120/80 mm Hg, then the reading above-(i.e.120) is the systolic blood pressure and the one below -(i.e.80) is the diastolic blood pressure. Generally in the elderly, systolic levels above 160 mm of Hg. and diastolic levels of above 95 mm of Hg. are treated. But for people with history of heart disease or stroke and in some other cases, even lower levels require treatment.
Why should the hypertension be treated?
It has been found that treatment of hypertension reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease. Long standing untreated hypertension may also lead to problems in the kidneys and the brain.
The doctor says non-drug therapy could be tried. What does he mean?
In mild to moderate cases of Hypertension, the following method may be tried:
  • Those who are over weight should reduce their weight. They should exercise regularly and eat moderately.
  • Smoking should be stopped immediately.
  • The quantity of salt in the diet should be brought down. Pickles & Fried Pappadams are to be avoided completely.
  • Stress and worry should be avoided. One could use tranquilisers with the advice of the doctor.
  • Meditation is found to be very useful in controlling hypertension.
Can proper treatment prevent the complications of Hypertension?
Yes, with adequate treatement, hypertension can be controlled and its complications can be prevented.
Should the tablets for blood pressure be taken daily?
Once it has been established that a person has hypertension and drugs are prescribed, the blood pressure should be monitored regularly and the tablets should be taken everyday with regular check-up by the doctor.






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Check your BP regularly. Take your pills daily.

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Relax - Take up a hobby

A web page on how to control a common disorder - High BP


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