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Sexuality & Aging

Should sexual activity be given up by the elderly?
It is a common misconception that as one grows old one should give up sexual activity completely. Infact many view sex as a forbidden act for the aged. Old people who show interest in sex, may be looked down upon by society. But the truth is that sexual relationships are very valuable for the longevity and health of the elderly. Sexual urge from both partners make them feel needed by one another and give vent to feelings and mental worries.
Why is sexual activity in the aged more accepted now?
Westernisation of Indian culture, exposure to sex through mass media and improvement in general fitness and health care have all been  responsible for the wider acceptance of sexual matters concerning the elderly.
What are the problems in sexual function in the elderly?
Diseases such as Diabetes, protein malnutrition, zinc deficiency, thyroid problems and anaemia can cause sexual dysfunction.
Decreased sense of hearing, vision, smell, taste etc. and overall diminshed sensitivity to stimulation is a common problem affecting sexual relationships.
In men, the levels of the sex hormones predominantly decides the level of sexual desire and drive. So any problem affecting these levels could cause problems in sexual activity.
Alcoholism and renal failure can increase the level of the feminine hormone oestrogen in men, causing loss of sexual desire.
Asthma decreases the oxygen level in the blood and may effect male sexual desire.    
Any problem affecting the flow of blood in the blood vessels could result in problems in erection.
In older women, there may be dryness of the vagina which may make intercourse painful. The ovaries do not function (after menopause), so hormones such as oestrogen and progestorone are not secreted. This may cause changes in the feminity. 
What are the other factors causing sexual disfunction?
Psychological status, fear of aging, cultural practices and financial & physical dependency on others can also affect sexual feelings.
Elderly people should be encouraged to talk to the Doctor about their sexual problems.
Is sexual intercourse important in the elderly?
Sex in the elderly is not necessarily just physical intercourse, but a sort of sharing and communication of love with each other. The mutual need for each other is re-emphasised unlike in youngsters. Mere courteous touch and embrace of the husband or wife can inform each other of the love they share. Even a smile filled with love is a type of sexual communication in the elderly. 
How can sexual dysfunction in the elderly be treated?
Treating the underlying problem such as diabetes is most important.
In cases where the problem is psychological, counselling can be of great help.
Dysfunction caused by fall in blood levels of testosterone can be corrected by injections of this hormone but this is contra-indicated in people who are at a risk of developing prostatic cancer.
Intracavernous injections of Papaverine are being used, but these methods should be undertaken only by a specialist.
For women, the use of a lubricant jelly may be advisable.






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Keeping Diabetes under control will make life more enjoyable.
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The key to fitness is Regular Exercise

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Eating a Nutritious diet can keep many problems away







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