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What is Stress?
Stress, is both a physical and emotional response to a triggering event. It is an inevitable part of living. A certain amount of it is actually desirable. But when the stress becomes too great, the result is negative.
Can Stress cause illness?
While stress alone probably does not cause illness, it creates a climate in which disease may take hold and flourish. Excessive stress can weaken and disturb the immune system, our basic defense against invading illness. Stress has been implicated, with varying degrees of proof, in everything from eating disorders to heart attacks and high blood pressure.
By reducing stress can we cure major diseases?
Reducing stress may not cure cancer, at least not as far as we know. But developing the right attitude toward stress will help you maintain physical and emotional health. Learning to cope successfully with stress may be one of the most important functions your mind can bring to bear on your body's physical state.
How can we cope with stress?
Becoming a stress-hardy person means taking control. While there will always be factors in life that are beyond our power to change, we can learn to counter-act many of life's pressures. This is where such coping techniques as breathing exercises, meditation, and even hypnosis and visualization come into play.
Coping with stress also involves lifestyle changes that so many of us resist in favor of our usual routines. Take up walking, bicycling, or some other regular physical activity. Be sure you get sufficient sleep and a nutritious diet. These are intrinsic elements of a successful strategy for taming stress. Also, focus on cooperation and communication, both at home and at work. Confrontation produces stress; a little give and take on both sides alleviates it.
Finally, cultivate the fine art of relaxation through entertainment and hobbies or meditation. Tune out your worries and obligations long enough to indulge in a cup of tea, a favorite TV show, a stroll through the park. If you find it hard to relax, there are books and tapes that will help. Just do it!






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Hobbies like Gardening can help you overcome mental stress

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A good game like golf can keep you physically fit and relieve your stress - See also Physical Fitness





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