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What should be the weight of a person to say that he or she is obese or fat?
Click here for the chart for the standard weight and height for Indian men and women.
If a person is over 10%-20% of the ideal weight then he or she may be obese. Upto 10% below the ideal is Normal. If one is 10%  below the ideal weight he or she is   known as being Under Weight.
What is the general advice to reduce weight?
Intake of food should be reduced according to the advice of the nutritionist, dietician or doctor. But in general about 1000 calories per day is sufficient for the elderly.
Regular physical exercise will help in keeping fit.
More of fibre-rich foods should be eaten.
Intake of fat and sugar should be cut down.
One should take plenty of liquids.
Fresh fruits and vegetables are good, keeping in mind that in certain cases such as diabetes, one cannot have fruits rich in sugar.
Consumption of alcohol should be cut down.
What are the food items to avoid?
Starchy root vegetables such as potato, yam, tapioca, etc.
Nuts and oilseeds such as groundnuts, cashewnuts, coconut, pista, almond etc.
Meat products such as mutton, liver, brain, crabs, prawns and egg-yolk.
Milk and milk products such as whole milk, cream, cheese, curds made from whole milk lassi, milk sweets, ice-creams, etc.
Sweets, soft drinks (cool drinks), custard, pudding, chocolates and rich cakes
All types of fried foods.
Preserved fruits and dry fruits.
What are the types of food that could be taken?
The following types of food can be taken,  taking care not to exceed 1000 calories a day.
(Please read the Nutrition Page in this website).
Cereals such as rice, wheat, semolina, ragi, rice flakes, vermicelli and oats.
Pulses such as roasted Bengal gram, Green gram, Black gram, Red Gram (Dhal).
Vegetables such as snake gourd, bitter gourd, chow chow, pumpkin, white radish, cabbage, cauliflower, ladie's finger, drumstick, cucumber, brinjal and all greens.
Skimmed milk, butter milk.
Spices and condiments such as pepper, garlic, vinegar, mustard, coriander, etc.
All fruits except preserved and dry fruits.
Meat products such as chicken, fish that do not have much fat content and egg-white.
Oils such as gingely oil, sunflower oil, soya bean oil and refined oil.
Soup, bread, coffee and tea (with very little or no milk).
What would be an ideal Indian diet containing 1000 calories per day, to help reduce obesity?
Morning: One cup of coffee or tea
Breakfast: Select any one of the following 1) 2 idlis
2) 2 chappatis
3) 1 cup uppuma
4) 1 cup ragi porridge
5) 1 cup pongal 
& 1/4 cup of sambar
6) 2 slices of bread
Mid-morning: Select any one of the following: 1 cup buttermilk, OR 1 cup soup OR 1 cup unsweetened lime juice.
Lunch: one and a half cups of cooked rice,
3 small chappatis
one piece of chicken OR one slice of fish
OR 1/2 cup of one vegetable dish (not fried)
1/2 cup sambar
1/2 cup buttermilk
1/2 cup greens
Dinner: Same as lunch.
Bedtime: 1 cup of skimmed milk.
What are the simple guidelines to reduce weight?
Write down all the details of what you eat and how much you eat. That way you will know which food has to be avoided and which food has to be eaten less.
Weigh yourself everyday.
Sit down and eat your food patiently. Food should be eaten in small quantities and slowly.
Drink plenty of water.
Do not eat left-overs because they are going for waste. Especially housewives!
Physical exercise and mental activity is very essential. (Older people tend to eat more when they are lonely).







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Check your ideal weight
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Calculate your
Body Mass Index - A Rough Guide to whether you are Obese

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Avoid high chlestrol, low fibre diets. See 'Diet & Nutrition'  for the Elderly

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A simple diet of with plenty of vegetables and regular physical exercise  - a healthy way to overcome obesity.

See Physical Fitness
See the proportions of Essential Nutrients in various foods

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