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What is ageing?
As a person becomes older, certain changes in structure and function of the individual take place.This process is known as aging. It begins when a person is born, and continues throughout the life cycle.
Only the body ages, the mind and spirit can remain young and cheerful.
What are the Scientific Theories of Ageing?
There are several theories of aging.
Impaired Homeostasis
Immune Deficiency
Cellular ageing
Error Theory
Killer Hormone
Free Radicals
To learn more about these processes, See the links given on the right.
What are the lifestyle factors that affect ageing?
Nine modifiable lifestyle factors are believed to affect aging, they are: Smoking, Alcohol Consumption, Sexual Habits, Consumption of animal products, Consumption of vegetables and fruits, Obesity, Social Support, Exercise and Early diagnosis & treatment of disease.
What are the general factors influencing ageing?
The manner in which someone ages depends on heredity, physical health, nutrition, mental, and other unknown factors. Some scientists feel that human beings have a built-in "biological clock," which would run for 130 years if no diseases or illnesses affected the body. It was once unusual for families to have three living generations, now it is not unusual for families to have four living generations. Most older persons, given supportive circumstances and conditions, are quite capable of enjoying life fully until the end of their lives.
When does a person call himself a Senior citizen?
There is no strict age to say that you have aged, but for practical purposes the age of retirement is taken as the guide to call oneself a senior citizen. In India, since the retirement age varies from 55- 60 yrs,
people over 60 yrs of age can be called Senior Citizens.
Does one have to retire from active life at 60?
No, absolutely not. Infact, you will see that most of our experienced Politicians, CEO's of large companies, Doctors and eminent personalities in the world of art and culture are well-over 60 yrs of age.
To work or not after 60 is a matter of personal choice. Some people decide that their parenting and working days are over  and like to lead a  quiet life with occasional interaction with family and friends. But some like to be actively engaged in work and could take up a job depending on their qualification and experience. Infact, some of them take on the role of grandparenting very seriously.
What is the best attitude the Senior Citizen can adopt?
A Positive atttitude! That is one thing a senior citizen should have. What does it mean? It means that the senior citizen should increase the quality of life by follwoing some basic guidelines such as good nutrition, regular physical exercise, a pleasant attitude towards family, friends and the society and dealing  with health problems with a strong positive attitude.
Does that mean leading life like a 25 yr old after one is 60?
No, It neither means that you have to pretend that you are very young and try to perform extrordinary feats or be a recluse and isolate yourself from family, friends and society, saying that your work is done. The secret is to accept one's age, adopt a healthy lifestyle, a positive attitude in life, adjust with family &  society and be mentally & physically active.
See also: Anti-oxidants & Ageing






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Gene-Mapping of the human body is almost complete. The day may not be far off when most of the diseases could  be prevented or atleast predicted early.

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Can Antioxidants retard Aging?


In search of the Secrets of Ageing

Points to Ponder

A review of 7000 members of the Seventh Day Adventists who never smoked, restricted their alcohol consumption, ate breakfast everyday, did not eat between meals, slept 7 hrs per night, exercised, had a normal body weight and a positive mental attitude showed that longevity could be increased by 11 yrs in men and 3 yrs in women.The quality of their lives improved markedly.






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