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ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)

What are the common problems of the elderly for which an ENT surgeon should be consulted?
The common ENT related problems are:
Hearing impaiment
Ringing noise in the ears
Nasal Bleeding
Change of voice 
What are the common causes of hearing impairment in the elderly?
Wax in the ear, infection of the throat that causes temporary middle-ear obstruction, some drugs like streptomycin (usually given for Tuberculosis), diseases affecting the nerves, and hardening of the bones in the internal ear can all cause hearing impaiment.
What type of treatment is given for hearing impairment?
An ENT specialist should be consulted. Minor problems such as wax in the ear can be easily treated while more complex problems may require audiograms and advanced treatment including fitting of a hearing aid. There are two types of hearing aids - the ear model and the other which could be clipped on to the clothing.
Elderly people feel shy to use hearing aids. What should be done?
Hearing, like eyesight, improves the quality of life to a great extent. The elderly should not feel shy to wear a hearing aid as the instrument improves the way one can effectively communicate with others. When others talk to the elderly, instead of just talking loudly, they should talk slowly, clearly and with a slightly raised voice.
Dizziness or giddiness and staggering seem to be a common problem in the elderly - why is this so?
The same nerve which helps us to hear, also helps us to maintain our balance. Sometimes, use of certain drugs, infection or reduced blood circulation can affect this nerve and cause problems with a person's balance. So elders suffer from dizziness and unsteadiness, with a sense of rotation of the head. The main problem is that such giddiness could cause a fall and subsequent injuries and fractures.
What is the treatment for giddiness?
The physician should be consulted for this. The treatment will depend on the reason causing the giddiness. But one can be assured that drugs can symptomatically reduce giddiness and make the patient comfortable.
Why should difficulty in swallowing, combined with loss of weight and persistent sore throat need an immediate ENT checkup?
Such symptoms may indicate a more serious underlying problem like cancer and one should consult the physician immediately.






Giddiness can cause falls

A web page for Tips on talking to those who are Hard of Hearing

A web-site to Learn more about Deafness







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