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Depression & Diabetes

Is Depression more common among diabetics?
People with diabetes are three times more likely to experience a major depressive episode than the general public. The reason lies in the chronic nature of diabetes.
Is diabetes the cause of depression?
No, diabetes is not the cause of depression, nor is depression the cause of diabetes. The cause of depression in people with diabetes maybe due to psychological factors such as stressful life events and physical & genetic factors. Depression is prevalent in all chronic conditions. But for diabetics many decisions have to be taken everyday regarding their lifestyles, food, medication, exercise, blood-glucose testing, and so on. These responsibilities can seem a burden at times.
Will treating the depression cure or improve the diabetic status?
By treating the depression, the people are better motivated to control their diabetes. So, treating the depression could lower blood-glucose levels.
How does depression complicate the management of diabetes?
People who are depressed experience a fatigue and loss of hopefullness making it difficult to follow a prescribed routine of healthy food, exercise, social support, and glucose monitoring. However, it is  important to remember that depression, even severe depression, can be helped. Unfortunately, less than one-third of those experiencing depression reach out for the many available forms of help.
What is the treatment for depression?
If the symptoms of depression persist for more than two weeks,one should consider talking to the family doctor or a specialist. A physician might temporarily prescribe an antidepressant medication to enhance your ability to function. Antidepressants are generally non–habit forming and often prove to be very helpful. Consulting with a mental health professional will enable you to pinpoint life stresses, identify problematic patterns, and help you work out a healthier approach to dealing with them.
As always, supportive family and friends can be the best medicine for the psychological problems of the elderly.
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Strict Control over diet is very essential for diabetics
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Take up a hobby such as gardening. It can be enjoyable & make you look forward to every coming day
Along with medication, diet &  exercise plays a great part in keeping diabetes under control






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