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Ideal Diet

Senior Indian

What is an ideal diet for the elderly?
The ideal diet of the elderly person should be wholesome and nutritious. It should have carbohydrates, proteins, fats, mineral & vitamins apart from dietary fibre. They should also take plenty of water. To know more about the nutrutional requirements - Click here
It does not matter whether it is a vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet
But they should be able to chew their food which could be easily digested. An Ideal sample diet is given below:

1 cup = 200 ml,  1 Tsp = 5 ml.
Early Morning:
1 cup of coffe / tea
Idly-3 (medium) or Chappathi-2   or Pongal-1 1/2 cups
  Uppuma-1 1/2 cups or  Bread-4 slices
Sambhar- 3/4 cup or Chutney-1/2 cup
Egg-white-1  or  Apple-1
Milk-3/4 cup  or  Buttemilk-1cup  or  Soup-1 cup  or 
Fruit juice-1 glass  or Veg.Salad-1 serving.
Cooked Rice-1 1/2 cups  or  Chappathis - 3 (Med)
Dhal-1/2 cup  or  Sambhar-3/4 cup  or  Chicken Curry with 2 pcs  or Fish curry with 1 pc.
Rasam, Curd -1/2 cup or  Buttermilk-1 cup
Greens-3/4 cup
1 cup of coffe / tea
Sundal-1/2 cup or  Biscuits -2
Idly-3 nos  or  Chappathi - 2  or  Cooked rice-1 1/2 cup.
Others same as lunch. 1/2 cup vegetables can be taken instead of greens.
1 cup of Milk
One should keep in mind that elders with high BP , high Cholesterol levels, heart disease, obesity or other problems should alter their diet accordingly.

Many elders do not have a full complement of teeth. What is the dietary advice for them?
People who have lost their teeth should try to wear artificial dentures. When they don't, they begin to take liquid or semi-solid food. This decreases the nutritional value of their diet. Where there is a genuine difficulty in chewing, then the food can be chopped fine (vegetables). Some types of food can be put into a blender. Milk, Paneer, Egg-white, soft raw fruits like banana, papaya, cooked apples and fruit juices can be given. Well-cooked and minced chicken or well-cooked fish can be taken by non-vegetarians. Finely chopped raw vegetables and soups can be given. For those not suffering from a sugar problem, ice-creams, jellies and puddings can be given.





fpyramid.gif (5405 bytes)

Food Pyramid showing the proportions of different types of food that should be included in our diet.
More info on Essential Nutrients

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An Ideal Diet for Obesity or when there is an increased Cholesterol level