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To See   "Guidelines on Making A Will"  Please Click Here
I, (Name), Son of (Father's Name), usually residing at (Address), being of sound mind and memory hereby revoke any Will, Codicil or testamentary deposition I may have made hitherto and declare this Will made at (Address) on (Date) to be my last Will.
In order to prevent any litigation amongst my heirs, it is my wish that all my properties and assets should be disbursed amongst my heirs in the manner described below
1)  I hereby appoint the following two persons
  1. ______________________ (Name and Address) First Executor
  2. _______________________ (Name and Address) Second Executor
to be Executors / Executrixes of this Will.
  The First Executor (Name) shall administer the disbursement of my properties and if he or she is unable to take up this responsibility, the Second Executor (Name) shall administer the disbursement. The Executor so appointed shall act as guardian of any minor person who may benefit from my Will.
2)  I have been enjoying full ownership and control over the following properties.
2.1) Immovable Property
(Give full details, address, names and percentage of share of  other co-holders if any)
2.2) Movable Property
  1. Cash
  2. Bank Accounts (Saving, Current, Fixed etc.)
  3. Insurance
  4. Jewellery
3)  I declare that all my belongings shall be distributed amongst the persons mentioned by me as follows:-
S.No. Property Name & Address Relationship to me
4)  The following are my special instruction before commencing disposal of my properties.
4.1) (Example): I have allocated Rupees one lakh to my daughter  (Name) aged _____ who is a widow and having a daughter (Name) aged _____. I request the Executor of my Will to guide her in investing this amount in a safe and prudent manner so that she will be able to maintain herself out of the returns of this investment. On the demise of my daughter the returns from this money is to be tranferred to her daughter who, if she is a minor at the time of demise of my daughter, will be under the custody of the Executor.
5)  (Example) I have kept aside Cash value of Rupees one lakh for expenses that may be incurred on my illness if any, or to meet expenses for my funeral and related ceremonies. Any legal expenses, unpaid taxes etc, shall be met out of this money. The balance from this money after all payments, and any other residue of my property, I bequeath to my wife.
6)  I, Declare that this Will comprises of _____ pages.
This will has been prepared in the presence of the following two persons as witnesses
  1. __________________________ (Name & Address)    
  2. __________________________ (Name & Address)
To See   "Guidelines on Making A Will"  Please Click Here