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Guidelines for establishing
Old Age Homes

Where should an Old Age Home be located?
An Old Age Home should have a calm, pollution free environment and all other basic necessities just as any comfortable housing project.
It could be located in a rural or urban setting depending on the type of people expected to live in it. While some people may like quiet idyllic surroundings, others may prefer an urban area where they have quick access to facilities in the city.
How should an Old Age Home be designed?
Old Age Homes could be the dormitary type, independent rooms or cottages depending on the social and economic status of those who are going to live in the homes.
The rooms should be well-ventilated.
As much as possible all facilities in the home should be at the ground floor level. If upper floors have to be built then a sloping ramp has to be provided which would also facilitate easy passage of wheel chair when needed.
The toilets and bathrooms should have rough flooring so that the elders do not slip. Suitable railings should be provided for support.
A room should be set apart where sick people needing short-term treatment could be housed.
Recreation rooms and rooms for medical care should be built. 
Who are the people required to work in an Old Age Home?
A home for the aged will need an administrator who will be responsible for the running of the home.
Supporting staff such as clerks, cashier cum accountant, nursing staff, attenders, maids and a cook are the basic required staff for the efficient running of a old age home.
A medical officer will be needed to attend to the health needs of the inmates. If the home is very close to a hospital where emergencies can be treated then, it may be enough to avail the services of a Doctor, who works there part-time.
A nutritionist can play an important role by providing special attention to the nutritional requirements of the residents. At least a part-time nutritionist should be appointed.
A professionally qualified social worker is an essential member of the team of personnel.
Wherever possible nursing staff and health care workers trained in Geriatric care should be appointed.
What are the requirements for medical care in such an institution?
All medicines and medical accessories that may be needed for treatment of the residents should be stored as per the advice of a senior physician. For eg: Oxygen cylinders, suction apparatus and intra-venous sets should be readily available. Drugs should be replaced periodically, considering their expiry date. Transport facilities should be available in case there is a need to rush them to the hospital for intensive care.
What are the other facilities that could be provided in an Old Age Home?
Recreational and reading facilities such as,. televisions, video players, newspapers and books should be available. Depending on the extent of the physical activity of the residents other facilties for active sports such as: tennis, table tennis, squash can be provided. Depending on the need billiards and card tables and other entertainment facilities can be provided.
In today's context computers with internet connections are more a necessity than an option especially to receive and send e-mail to the near & dear. The ability to browse the world wide web will allow the residents to be informed and mentally active.
What could be the participation of the residents in the running of the home?
The residents should be encouraged to participate in the day to day activities of the home which may be anything from cooking to maintaining the cleanliness of the home. They could also periodically organise celebrations of various festivals and social events.






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